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Emergency Preparedness For Business

Do1Thing has developed a 12 month program to help you get your business ready by taking a small step each month. Unlike our usual program, it is important that businesses start at month one, and go in order as each month builds on the last month. We highly encourage businesses to take advantage of this program that we have spent a long time on.

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Risk Assessment

GOAL FOR STEP 1 Understand how an emergency or disaster could affect your business and identify potential risks. For businesses, a disaster is any event that endangers

Essential Business Functions

GOAL FOR STEP 2 Determine what keeps your business running and take steps to ensure you can continue in an emergency or disaster. A lot happens in


GOAL FOR STEP 3 Take steps before, during, and after a disaster to keep your business running, even if you and your employees can’t get to your normal worksite.


GOAL FOR STEP 4 Make sure you have insurance that will enable you to get back to business after an emergency or disaster. Finding the capital to

Vital Resources

GOAL FOR STEP 5 Make sure that vital resources are available, even when you can’t get back to your site. Records, systems and equipment are vital to

Key Personnel

GOAL FOR STEP 6 Identify your key personnel and make sure that at least one other person could step in and do their job in the event that they


GOAL FOR STEP 7 Develop strategies to communicate employees, suppliers, and customers during an emergency. Your business relies on good communication during normal operations. Communication is even


GOAL FOR TASK 8 Understand and be prepared to manage the effects of an incident on your customers, suppliers, and outside operations in a disaster. Communities, individuals,

Personal Preparedness

GOAL FOR STEP 9 Increase the resiliency of your business by encouraging personal preparedness for your employees their families. Making sure employees and their families are prepared

Emergency Plans

GOAL FOR STEP 10 Create emergency and continuity plans that will guide your employees and your business through disaster. Disasters and emergencies are low-frequency, high-stakes events. Because


GOAL FOR STEP 11 Make sure employees understand their role in a disaster and are equipped to respond safely and appropriately. The disaster environment is fast-paced and


GOAL FOR STEP 12 Create a plan that will help you make sound decisions about the future of your business after a disaster. Major disasters change communities

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