Do 1 Thing was on one of 7 communities that are promising examples of community efforts that reflect and embody the FEMA Whole Community approach to emergency management. Do 1 Thing had a chance to visit the CDC Atlanta March 12-13th, 2013

Do 1 Thing members Ronda Oberlin and Erika Mahoney, had a chance to visit the CDC to attend the Whole Community meeting in Atlanta March 12-13th, 2013.The meeting was to convene thought leaders representing the seven funded promising example communities to share their programs’ best practices and discuss strategies to replicate, sustain, and build impactful programs that exemplify a Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management. Additionally, all of us leaders discussed strategies for developing criteria and content to build a “resilience curricula.” We enjoyed our visit and are very honored to have be among such a great group of people.

The seven initiatives selected for this project are:

  • Emergency Kit Cook Off, Arizona Division of Emergency Management, Phoenix, AZ
  • Do 1 Thing, Lansing Office of Emergency Management, Lansing, MI
  • The Independent Living Centers, Joplin, MO
  • Resilient Diamond Heights Project, San Francisco
  • Project Wildfire, Deschutes County, OR
  • EvacuSpots, New Orleans, LA
  • Partners in Preparedness, NYC Office of Emergency Management, New York City, NY

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