Become a Do1Thing Preparedness Ambassador

Did you know that Do1Thing has an Ambassador program? Do1Thing is staffed by one person, our executive director and governed by a board of directors and a host of volunteers. That means the program needs all the help it can get spreading the word about Do1Thing. In about an hour, you can receive certificate on being an Ambassador. Our free Ambassador course will walk you through the program, how to teach the program, and ways to look for opportunities to promote the program.

One of the ways we encourage people to promote the program is to “Get Involved” in their communities. This means finding ways to help you community become more disaster resilient in the event of a disaster. As an ambassador, you can teach the program at your workplace, community center, religious institution, neighborhood watch group, or other community organization. Perhaps you are not a “teacher” or don’t like speaking in front of people, that is perfectly fine. You can still promote the program using our printed materials, calendars, and even social media.

When we come together to help our communities get ready for disasters and emergencies, the better the process of recovery can be. To sign up for the free Ambassador program, please follow the link on our homepage. If you have questions on how you can promote the program in your area, please feel free to reach us at